Sandy Liebhold

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Sandy Liebhold

Horse and Sandy, Kyrgyz Republic, 2005

Andrew Liebhold

Research Entomologist
Northeastern Research Station
Forestry Sciences Laboratory.
USDA Forest Service
180 Canfield St.
Morgantown, WV
26505 USA

ph: (304) 285-1512
Fax: (304) 285-1505

I am also adjunct faculty at
West Virginia University. in the
Department of Geology and Geography.

I am also a research associate with the
The Carnegie Museum of Natural History

I am also adjunct faculty at Penn State University in the Department of Entomoloigy.

I spend a lot of time at the the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis in Santa Barbara, CA. My projects at NCEAS are Integrating the Statistical Modeling of Spatial Data in Ecology ???NEW!!! View papers from special section in Ecography!???NEW!!!, Evolutionary causes and ecological consequences of mast seeding in plants and Pathways of Non-indigenous Plant Pest Introductions

View photos from my recent trip to Kyrgyzstan!

?View photos from my sabbatical in Spain


Here is my CV .

information about The Gypsy Moth in North America Mapping Forest Suceptibility to Three Major Exotic Forest Pests. A Gypsy Moth Atlas.
Here is some stuff about Japan where I lived for 6 months. Here are more pictures from my photo album. I am coordinator of Research Group 7.03.00, "Entomology", of the International Union of Forestry Research Organizations (IUFRO) .
Here is some stuff about Mt. Morris, PA , where I live. Here is some stuff about Morgantown, WV, where I work. Information about the history of Mt. Morris, PA , where I live.

Here are some nice web pages that my daughters made with me on "take your daughter to work day" in 2000.

Here is a picture of Naomi and me on "take your daughter to work day" in 1999.